Detective Riddles Case 1-5

Ah, detective riddles. This is the section for those who love to read mystery novels, such as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Ellery Queen, Nancy Drew, Perry Mason, or even comic characters like Detective Conan.

When you read those characters in the book try to solve a homicide, you probably try to guess who's the murderer too, right? Probably 9 of your 10 answers also wrong, right? Novel might be too long, thus many clues and key events missed from your thought. For practice, try to solve these five detective riddles first, who were told in short stories.

Detective Riddle Case 001: The Poison Murder

On a hot summer day Detective Thompson finds a man dead in a room locked from the inside. After an autopsy, he was proved to be killed by poison. In the locked room, there was a cup of cola and a half cup of water. After examination of the beverages, the cola contained 20% poison, and the cup of water contained 100% poison. It was evident that someone had sneaked into his room before he came back from work and put the poison.

Detective Thompson hasn't found the killer yet, but he already figured it out where the murderer put the poison. Where is it?

Detective Riddle Case 002: The Diamond Robbery

Detective Thompson knocked on Mr. Fred's door. It was a case of robbery. Mr.Fred's diamond has been stolen. The thief was very intelligent. He first disabled Mr. Fred's safety device and then stole the diamond. The thief also didn't leave any fingerprint.

When Detective Thompson questioned Mr. Fred, he said that he had been sound asleep when the incident happened, and he did not know at what time the diamond was stolen.

Detective Thompson then went out to question the keeper, the only other person living with Mr. Fred at that time. The keeper said that he had been to his mother's place and did not have any information on the incident.

Then Detective Thompson walked around outside the house to see if he could get any more clues. Walking on pieces of the glass, he saw that the window was broken. After a closer examination he saw that the window had been broken with the help of a hammer.

After some time, Detective Thompson decided to arrest Mr. Fred for faking robbery. How did he knew that Mr. Fred had a part to play in this crime?

Detective Riddle Case 003: Five Suspects

A man was found murdered one Sunday morning, his wife immediately called the police. Detective Thompson questioned the wife and staff and was given these alibis:

1. The wife said she was in bed reading a book.
2. The cook claimed she cooking breakfast.
3. The gardener claimed he was planting seeds.
4. The maid claimed she was getting the mail.
5. The butler claimed he polishing the silver.

One of them lied and Detective Thompson suspect him/her as the killer. Which one?

Detective Riddle Case 004: Archeological Dig

"I've finally earned my place as assistant curator of the museum", said Bob to his friend, Detective Thompson. "I moved West of the Pakistani dig site and we've just unearthed some wonderful coin artifacts." "Why did you start digging in a new location?" asked Detective Thompson.

"One of the local natives told me that, for many generations, his family had passed down a legend of a lost village and he found a map among his father's things," said Bob. "His father recently passed away", he added. "The native followed the map and led me to this site on the condition that if we discovered anything of value he would be paid one thousand dollars", explained Bob. "And what is it that you found buried,?" asked Detective Thompson.

"It's just terrific," exclaimed Bob, "we found 3 gold coins of various sizes dated 400 B.C., and after properly dusting them off I found them to be in excellent condition." "I quickly paid the native to complete our verbal contract and keep him from trying to claim a portion of the discovery," concluded Bob.

After considering for a few moments, Detective Thompson suggested Bob that when he returns home he should look for another job! How come?

Detective Riddle Case 005: Job Interview

Detective Thompson decided to hire a new assistant. He had three candidates and he decided to give them a quiz.

He said, "Look Guys, there's a crime that needs to be solved and there's a clue in one of the public libraries in Brooklyn. The clue is stuck inside a book, between pages 165 and 166.

Two of the guys jumped up and bolted out the door. The third guy just sat there. Detective Thompson said to the man who remained, "You got the job."

Why did he get the job?

Okay, the above cases probably too easy for you and Detective Thompson, thus can't be called as best and hard detective riddles. Just consider that as a warming up before we come back with harder riddles with more clues and longer stories.


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